Party Themes


The Murder Mystery theme exposes intellectually based fun at its best. This interactive event is designed to test the ability of guests to think outside of the box. There are a number of scripts and settings to suit all ages and group size.  In Murder Mystery the guests get to dress up and role-play characters suspected of committing the crime in question.  A good dose of “who dun it”…

Based upon the television program the participants need to complete various activities within a one minute period. In this event your guests will be divided into teams who will compete against each other in a variety of activities. The challenges are completed using everyday household objects such as elastic bands, paper cups, empty cans, balloons and toilet paper.  There will be belly aches of laughter…


A short explanation of the Escape Room theme is that the guests are locked up in a themed room (variety of themes to choose from) and they then need to work out all the hidden clues and overcome some challenging tasks so that they can escape the locker room before the 60-minute timer hits zero. All our Escape Room activities allow the players to solve puzzles and riddles, which in turn opens locks, all within an action-packed hour. We guarantee suspense and a lot of laughter…


In this interactive and entertaining activity, guests can unleash their inner superstar… regardless of their singing abilities! Party Fun provides all the equipment and facilitation, feel free to dress up for the occasion…

Based upon the popular television program, short snippets of music are played. The contestants need to guess either the name of the song or the name of the artist.  A wide variety of different music to suit the audience is offered…

Bring back those memories with a combination of old traditional games. Guests are divided into teams and compete against each other in a variety of activities.  

Games include, but are not limited to:

Kruiwastoot – 3 Legged Races – Sack Races – Tug of War Challenge  – Stoktrek – Vingertrek – Bokdrol Spoeg – Egg and Spoon Races – Katty Shooting – Plank Walk…

DRUMMING (45 mins – 1hr) various fun activities can be included up to 2 hrs

For the Drumming activity, we use African Djembe drums to create musical sounds of any genre by striking the head of the drum to play different tones called slap, bass & ping. When a group plays together, it is called Djembefola because we play different rhythms at the same time creating authentic traditional and modern music through the drums. Often this inspires people to dance spontaneously to the great rhythms played.


Cost: R3,500.00 plus a flat rate of R250 for mileage/transport

All our themes take between 2 – 3.5 hours

This rate is for 8 – 20 guests.  Please enquire about rates for 21 guests and upwards.